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The More Things Change..

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

After the most recent, 4th National U.S.Climate Report, even President Trump may stop denying that action is needed to adapt to changes in our environment.  California has just suffered the worst wildfire ever with nearly 100 and possible more people dying - not to mention the animals and wildlife destroyed.  For 20 years, CURE has criticized the failure of local governments to safeguard their residents from disasters by prohibiting development in unsafe areas and by adopting building standards that allow residents in the urban/wildland corridors to shelter in place. See: Fix Disaster Policy.

Addressing climate change is a global issue beyond most of our individual abilities.  However, placing more land into conservation and adopting smart regulations is something we can demand now.  Recent disasters have resulted in a $400 billion tax hit to the United States.  The overwhelming cause of those increased costs is not climate change - but sprawl, poor planning, paving wetlands and eliminating the buffers that once kept us safe.   

Last year, 24 people died in Montecito, California after a fire and debris flow.  Yet everyone is rebuilding in the identical location despite knowing that the flood infrastructure is inadequate.  Taxpayers paid nearly $150 million to clear debris and roads following that disaster.  Montecito is a very wealthy area where residents are better position to withstand disasters.  In poorer communities like Paradise, North Carolina or other locations devastated in 2018, people's lives are ruined and they never recover from the loss.   

Sadly, the more things change, the more they stay the same. 


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