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Citizens United for Resources and the Environment, Inc.

We care how government decisions affect the environment, economy and your safety. 
Together we can demand more accountability.

Your future, your choice.

When Communities Unite

CURE's Climate Focus in 2024

All climate is local. Addressing climate change sometimes seems impossible as the causes and solutions can be far reaching and global. Citizens can make a difference at the local level. Read More.

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CURE's Decades' Long Efforts on Environmental Accountability Focus in Three Areas:

When disasters occur, all Americans pay.  Read about how smarter land use saves habitat, water resources and lives.

Coastal desalination and on-farm conservation all sound like great ideas.  But the longerterm economic consequences may eclipse the benefit.  


Environmental justice starts with improving air quality and access to open space in urban areas.  Help us plant 10,000 a year, fund young farmer training, and preserve important tax that allow private conservation.

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